About Kavukçu Group


Established in 1920, Kavukçu is one of  the leading wheat flour and pasta producers and exporters of Turkey. In 1920, Ahmet Araboglu, our founder, set up the first modern flour mill in Havza. Through out the years, Kavukçu setup and operated numbers of flour mills and pasta factories. Today Kavukçu is a significant player in flour milling, pasta production, grain and FMCG trading.

  • 1920


    Ahmet Araboğlu established Çorum Kavukçu factory in Havza.

  • 1993


    30mts capacity short cut pasta production line was bought.

  • 1997


    Board of management decided to make investments in Trakya.

  • 1998


    Ümit Kavukçu bought a land and began the construction of the factory.

  • 2000


    Thracian factory  started off with the daily milling capacity of 300mts.

  • 2001


    For our Thracian facility, grain storage and handling system with the capacity of 2000mts were built.

  • 2003


    The administration building was built at our Thracian facility.

  • 2005


    Silos with 250mts capacity were built.

  • 2006


    Our Thracian factory increased the daily milling capacity to 450mts.

  • 2009


    Milling capacity rose from 100mts to 400mts at our Çorum facility.

  • 2010


    At our Thracian Factory, new silos for wheat bran with 250mts were built.

  • 2011


    In addition to our Thracian factory, the construction of a new factory with the daily milling capacity of 650mts was started.

  • 2011


    At our Çorum facility, the spaghetti machine is bought and the pasta factory capacity rose to 100mts.

  • 2013


    At our Thracian factory, new grain storage silo with capacity of 12.000mts was added to our other silos and our grain storage capacity increased to 24.000mts. 

  • 2014


    At our Çorum facility, packing machines were changed, automatic case packer machine, checkweigher and metal detector were added to packing units. Silos with 200mts capacity were constructed. 



Our high technolgy and efficient production units enable us to offer the highest quality products at the best value. Every step of the production is monitored and meticulously controlled to bring an irreproachable hygenic environment for production. In addition, our automation systems in our facilities ensure the most efficient and high quality productions.

+50,000mts storage capacity,
6,000 mts of wheat intake a day,
1,350 mts of milling a day,
+100mts/production de pâte par jour,

3,000 mts of packed wheat ­our a day and we have the capacity to load up to 10 vehicles at the same time to ensure the fastest delivery of your orders.

Quality Policy

Legitimate and regulatory concerns are taking into account; we are committed to produce highest possible quality of wheat flour, which does fit with client’s demand. We try to sustain better access for food safety information for our suppliers, clients and legal, regulatory authorities. We are dedicated to create necessary resources in order to sustain customer satisfaction and to improve quality and food safety. We make sure that all employees taken food safety and quality standard training. From procurement of raw material to production of the end product, we maintain to produce safe and quality food for our clients. 

Documents and Certificates

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 22000
  • TSE
  • SNI
  • Halal

Research and Development

Our R&D department develops the best flour formula for each applications. In parallel with our advanced labs, we conduct baking tests in our facilities pilot bakeries. Conformity of the products to required specifications is monitored from the beginning to the end of the production.


We have over 1000 customers and over 100 suppliers in more than 75 countries. One thing is commonamong them;
they all know that they can trust Kavukçu.




We have over 1,000 customers and over 100 suppliers in over 75 countries. One thing is common among them; they all know that they can trust Kavukçu. 

In addition to our global position as a wheat flour and pasta supplier, we are also a major grain and FMCG trader. By utilizing our business networks in our 75 different countries we add value to what we trade. Main items we trade are wheat, corn, wheat bran, edible oil, yeast, soft drinks, biscuits and other agricultural and food items.

In addition to our major market in America, Africa and Asia, we have customers in exotic regions such as Nepal, San Tomé, Fiji, Comoros... We are also a registered supplier to the United Nations. Kavukçu is truly a global supplier.



  • 1920

    New Bulk trailer is on duty!

    New Bulk trailer is on duty!

  • 1920

    2015 Cologne Anuga exposition was very successful.

    2015 Cologne Anuga exposition was very successful. 

  • 1920

    2016 We will be in Dubai Gulfood exposition.

    2016 We will be in Dubai Gulfood exposition.

  • 1920

    2016 We look forward to seeing you at Sial Paris.

    2016 We look forward to seeing you at Sial Paris.